Indoor Plant Well-being Benefits

Have you ever wondered, why some spaces have a sense of calmness and homeliness, and why some spaces are sterile and unpleasant to stay in? Next time when you're in a space that makes you feel a certain way, negative or positive, check if there are any indoor plants.
“Indoor plants can give us both mental and physical health benefits.”
Indoor plants can give us both mental and physical health benefits. Physically, even though it is invisible to the eye, plants have the power to change carbon dioxide into oxygen, meaning that the air quality that we breathe in is much improved than spaces that do not have any plants. Mentally, as we are designed to be one with nature, it's important that we are exposed to natural elements as often as we can. However, unfortunately, as many of us are living in urban lifestyles, we are becoming more immune and detached to the outdoors. Have you ever wondered why being outside on a field or in a garden for a few minutes by yourself brings a sense of calmness? It is because our as we see green leafy plants, our brains are positively triggered that it uplifts our mood. Being in the presence of greenery, we think more creatively.

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