Kickstart into 2020

Enter into 2020 with the right mind!

Hi Akme Readers!

We have entered into 2020, a new decade, and a lot has been going on. We have been talking about well-being and what it means to find the right state of mind. We are always in search of happiness and trying to stay healthy and to do this, we have tried all different diets and fads. As we have talked to many people who have been successful in achieving their fitness and health goals, the common factors were their change to their thinking and perspective.

We wanted to share some of the steps with you, and the process that many have gone through that have helped them to feel and be their best.

1. Alone Time
2. Meditation/Reflection
3. Whole-food eating
4. Natural Supplements
5. Physical Activity
6. Thankfulness
7. Rest


Alone Time

It's a new year, and all festivities are at an end. The past month we have been surrounded by family, friends, and acquaintances. It goes in two ways. Either you're going into a lonely and depressed slump because you're not meeting as many people, or you are drained from it all and have no energy to give. But either way, it's important to have alone time and spend time on yourself. Spend a few hours or even better book a hotel for a day or two to do whatever you need to get into a headspace where you can think about you and your future. Read a book, watch a movie in your bed with no one else, go out for a walk.


This goes hand in hand with your alone time. The reason why we say to spend a day or two by yourself is so that you can reflect and meditate on your past experiences and evaluate. It's important to go through this for clarity and to evaluate the key event that has made you learn something or has put you in a negative headspace without even you knowing about it.


Whole-food Eating

Now it's most likely from November to December we have all been eating whatever we want and maybe a bit too many drinks here and there. But like all new beginnings, it's natural for all of us to want to feel our best and get it right. For a week or 2 or maybe even a month, give yourself a goal to give your body a break from all the junk that has made you feel sloppy. We believe in balance, so don't deprive yourself, but find natural alternatives to get your sugar kick and in moderation. Food is about balance and learning to love fresh produce. When you can start enjoying wholesome fruits and vegetables, it doesn't become a diet, but it becomes your lifestyle.

Natural Supplements

Now we don't know about some of you, but when you do hit a certain age, sometimes you don't have the appetite or time to eat every A-Z vegetable out there. It can get overwhelming and just trying to figure out what to eat for my body. But natural supplements and powders do the trick. Ask your doctor or a professional nutritionist to see what your body needs. It can help in the long run.


Physical Activity

For those who haven't exercised for a while or not an active person at all, trust us, but do any type of physical activity. Low impact or high. Physical activity clears the mind and pushes your mental limits. It improves mood and decreases feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. 20 minutes a day goes a long way.


Be in the mindset of appreciation. In the bad and good, all things that happen for a reason, and we need to learn to overcome what gets chucked towards our way. In the end, it's all about perspective. It has been universally known that the ones who do succeed in life are the ones that see positivity in everything. Instead of looking at the glass half empty, let's look at life as if the glass is half full.


Aim to get a good night's rest. Lack of rest can really impact negatively on the rest of your day. The combination of good eating, exercise, and rest is what will keep you feeling happy. We must look after our bodies so that we can also help others around us.

We truly believe that happiness has to come from within, and part of that starts with the mind. We hope that 2020 will be the best year yet for all of us, and let's continue to change the way see and do life!

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