Sugarlolo - Diet Konjac Jelly Snack Review

So I have stumbled across a light jelly snack made mostly from konjac powder from the brand Sugarlolo.

What caught my attention was on the right-hand corner of the package that has '4 kcal' and 'zero sugar' written on it. As soon as that had caught my attention, I immediately went to pick it up and read the label in more detail. Just to let you know, this is a Korean product, and as I know for a fact that Korea is all about well-being and women are always dieting, I automatically picked it up.

What makes this light snack very low in calories is that it uses 'erythritol.' Erythritol is a sugar alcohol compound which is a type of yeast that ferments glucose from corn or wheat starch. It contains much fewer calories compared to sugar while maintaining its sweetness.

The majority of ingredients are natural and not harmful as it uses a mixture of natural thickeners, konjac jelly, and concentrated fruit extract. The only thing that people may question is the carrageenan that is used as part of the thickening agents; however, it is still a natural ingredient, only it is questionable that it can give indigestion issues when consumed in large amounts, according to research. However since the product is quite small which comes in 150mL packages, I don't believe it could provide us with many digestion issues. It would be best to see how sensitive you are to this particular ingredient; however, carrageenan is used in many products that we consume today.

Overall I have been taking this konjac jelly snack whenever I needed some sweetness in my life, and this did the trick without adding any unnecessary calories. You will be surprised by the taste and texture as it does taste better than what you would expect from a low calorie/diet food. More than anything, I like how ingredients are natural and don't have unnecessary foreign additives and preservatives.

Many flavours are available, because they use real fruit extract, depending on what flavour you have the calories do differ — Example Melon (4Kcal), Apple (5Kcal), Lemon (7Kcal), etc. However, I don't think 1-3 calories will make a difference to your intake.


- Lemon

- Melon

- Apple

- Peach

- Green grape

- Mango

- Yogurt

- Lychee

- Pomegranate

- Pineapple

For more information on the ingredients list, we have added extra information if you would like to look further on what some of these ingredients are in detail.

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