What makes Australian Berringa Manuka Honey different?

We get a lot of people asking us why do we stock berringa manuka honey and why is the consistency so different to New Zealand Manuka honey? So we have gathered some information about the unique honey that Berringa has harvested and why we love it at Akme Nature!


Geographic Location & Plant Spices (Leptospermum)

Leptospermum is the plant that produces Manuka honey and can only be found in Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand has only one type of Manuka plant, whereas Australia has 83 native species of Manuka plants (Leptospermum).

Geographically, Berringa honey is from the QLD and NSW coastal forests and bush land in Australia. These areas typically experience harsh weather conditions, and with the combination of Australia's warm climate makes it ideal for growing high levels of antibacterial Manuka plants.


Image sourced: https://www.berringa.com/australian-story/


Creamed vs Raw

To promote everyday use of honey, we wanted honey that has the of raw golden gooey consistency that can be eaten on toast, yogurt and drinks. The texture difference with New Zealand honey brands and Berringa Manuka honey is that one is creamed and one isn't (*it is a matter of preference really).

Majority of New Zealand brands have decided to cream their honey to prevent it from crystallisation so that when the temperature changes the consistency is the same. On the other hand, Berringa has chosen to leave the original texture as it is. So you might likely find crystallisation in your Berringa honey, especially on the bottom of the jar.


Image: Creamed Honey



Image: Raw Honey



Health Benefits

All Berringa Manuka Honey contains natural enzymes and antioxidants. Like all other Manuka honey brands, Berringa is also available in a range of antibacterial strengths, measured by the MGO methodology. So there's a Berringa Manuka Honey for a variety of health and well being needs (*refer to table below).

Photo: https://www.berringa.com/manuka/

MGO & Certification

Berringa uses the MGO measurement methodology to grade their 100% Australian Manuka Honey. Each batch has been independently tested & varified through the Australian Government NATA accredited laboratories for integrity & transparency purposes. Each honey jar can be tracked to know the exact MGO level.

To track your Berringa honey, go to:


Enter the batch number that is located in the back of the jar.


Let us know on your thoughts and if you prefer NZ or AUS Manuka honey! As we said, we believe it is a matter of preference and all Manuka honey has its health benefits.

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